Timely healthcare

Precise diagnostics is the most fundamental basis of medicine. Timely medical examination is vital because it can reveal the early signs of many serious illnesses and insure against possible future complications.

Radiology Center based on Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation provides examinations of all body parts and fast and accurate diagnosis of many diseases. We perform screening studies and complex CT and MRI diagnostics procedures. 

Our medical personnel is well-trained and highly experienced, and we use only up-to-date equipment from the world-leading manufacturers such as Siemens and General Electric. 

Radiology Center is based on Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation and currently is a leading Russian diagnostic center. The Center is headed by a worldwide known radiologist professor Valentin Sinitsyn, who is specialized in computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. 


Our equipment includes:

  •  Three high-field MRI scanners 
  •  A dedicated orthopedic MRI system 
  •  Two multislice CT scanners 
  •  SPECT unit 
  •  Mammograph 
  •  Digital and analogue X-ray units


Radiology Center performs all kinds of imaging examinations, including regular studies, screening tests and emergency diagnostics. Emergency examinations (X-ray, computed tomography) are available 24-hours.

For more detailed information please call +7 (495) 942-40-20. 

Address: Ivan’kovskoe shosse, 3. Moscow 125367,Russian Federation.